Ho Sin Hang and the Early Company Culture of Hang Seng Bank – A Founder's Values and the Making of Company Culture


Company culture (or corporate culture) is the valuable intangible and a critical success factor of a company. All excellent companies have unique company cultures which they took great care to maintain and preserve. Company cultures are the realization of values, visions, ideas of their founders, and they are also the reflection of their characters. This book uses the analytical framework of the relationships between founders’ values and company cultures to investigate how Ho Sin Hang’s values shaped the early company culture of Hang Seng Bank, how they influenced the thinking and behaviours of employees, and how Hang Seng Bank’s social image was constructed The book also tries to explore whether Hang Seng Culture has universal elements that can be used as reference for sustainable Chinese business, as well as uses the analysis of the way the founder of Hang Seng constructed its company culture to enrich people’s understanding of Chinese business culture in Hong Kong.


“Water droplets merge into the ocean,” these were the lyrics of a popular commercial song of Hang Seng Bank.

Hang Seng Bank stands out from the banking industry with its excellent service since it has launched in 1933 by Ho Sin Hang and other business partners.

What were the keys to success for Hang Seng Bank? Academics Ip Po Keung and Simon Ho Shun Man wrote this book with plain rhetoric to look into the bank’s values and culture and staff behaviour after analysing ample information as well as interviewing dozens of the bank's staff members through an academic approach.

This book in Chinese edition was awarded Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards 2021 – Business and Management section.

This award-winning book, telling Ho Sin Hang’s attitudes towards life, business goals, values and philosophies, is a masterpiece of researching the city's financial history, business administration and Chinese commercial culture.